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MW = 380.91 g/mol
CAS Number: 72-20-8

Use and production

Endrin is insecticide that is sprayed on the leaves of crops such as cotton and grains. It is also used to control rodents such as mice and voles.  

Toxicity and POPs characteristics of endrin

Endrin is listed under Annex A in the Stockholm convention.

Animals can metabolize endrin, so it does not accumulate in their fatty tissue to the extent that structurally similar chemicals do. It has a long half-life, however, persisting in the soil for up to 12 years. In addition, endrin is highly toxic to fish. When exposed to high levels of endrin in the water, sheepshead minnows hatched early and died by the ninth day of their exposure. The primary route of exposure for the general human population is through food, although current dietary intake estimates are below the limits deemed safe by world health authorities.

Identification peaks (cm-1)

327, 360, 407

Detection limit

Limit of detection: 19 ppb